Baby & Toddler Reflexology Training Courses For Parents And Caregivers

Learn the skill of therapeutic touch to help increase your baby’s physical and emotional wellbeing

Loving touch given to us as a baby is a blueprint for essential early bonding between baby and parent or siblings. It can generate a feeling of contentment, pleasure and relaxation. It can also help to stimulate baby’s development. Children and teenagers who have received loving touch as babies and toddlers have a greater ability to cope in their relationships with family and friends. It has also been suggested that bonding improves behaviour and quality of life.

The connection with Baby Reflexology and ‘the loving touch’…

Baby & Toddler Reflexology is a series of specially adapted reflexology techniques that use gentle pressure on specific areas of the feet and hands. The sensations felt can further enhance the special bond between parent and baby, whilst also helping to ease and eliminate any discomfort.

You will learn techniques for sleeping & comforting, feeding & digestion and general wellbeing, which address a host of problems that babies and children experience; from ear and eye conditions, sinus, colds, throat ailments, asthma, stings, bites, teething pain, colic, constipation, tummy upset, reflux, and other normal childhood conditions.

Courses include

  • Welcome letter, consent form, cautions and guidance
  • Parent booklet containing everything you have learnt on your course
  • A blank feet template for you to make your own reflexology foot chart for your baby/toddler
  • Homework handouts
  • Certificate of Completion
Baby Reflexology: online / in person course

From 4 weeks to 10 months.

A series of fun, hands-on small group workshops, where you will be taught easy-to-learn foot reflexology techniques practiced on your own baby’s feet or supplied dolly feet if needed.

Cost: £120 (3 week course)

Toddler Reflexology: online / in person course

From 10 months to 5 years.

A series of engaging group workshops, where you will be taught easy-to-learn hand reflexology techniques with accompanying nursery rhymes and lullabies. Techniques will be taught to the caregiver using own hands, which you will then be able use on your own toddler.

Cost: £80 (2 week course)

Baby & Toddler Reflexology: online / in person

Combined Baby and toddler course.

Cost: £190 (5 week course)

Baby & Toddler Reflexology: online / in person personalised sessions

From 4 weeks to 5 years.

If you would like sessions tailored specifically to your baby or child’s needs.

Cost: £60

*Sessions last approx 1 hour each.

**Sessions can be arranged in own home.

For bookings please contact Katrina on 07935 265525.

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